You know I honestly believe if Chris Colfer hadn’t tried out for glee there wouldn’t even be glee anymore, I mean think about it Kurt was written for him, he’s a very important character, without Kurt, Rachel wouldn’t have had her ‘Big Win’ with Defying Gravity, which apparently really helped her character, she also, would have no one to go to New York with. With out Kurt there wouldn’t be any Dalton, think about how important Dalton was in season two and even in this season, without Kurt, there would be no Karofsky story line,no Sebastian, no Burt (No Burt and Carloe plot line), no Blaine, now think about the things with Blaine, all that wouldn’t exist either, because there was no Kurt to meet him at a staircase. No Klaine. 
So, I’m just really fucking grateful Chris Colfer decided to audition for that show called Glee. 

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    Oh! Sam wouldn’t be a character either, he was originally meant to be Kurt’s boyfriend.
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